Thursday, May 28, 2009

Plant Posies!

I have been having fun looking for these old tire planters at every sale I go to.

I think they are so cool and can't imagine how hard it must be to make one.

I painted this one a pretty turquoise color, filled it with pink annuals and think it looks perfectly lovely on the porch of my store.

I hope I see ya at my store!


  1. Love the planter...hey, maybe you can offer some advice on container gardening. We are renting but I want to put flowers all over our back yard in containers but cant' figure out what flowers to use...guess I am starting with pansies!

  2. Hi Nancy, I left a message on your website but thought I would double up here. Link to my blog to see a post about your fab shop! Hope to see you next time we are in Olympia.
    I think your blog looks delightful!

  3. loved all of your stuff at the funky junk show!! you have the koolest array of treasures!! I will be down to visit your store..need to buy some more of your old papers ;) xo!! ~Bella

  4. Hi Nancy
    Love your stuff.
    Those planters are hard to make. The hardest part is turning that darn tire inside out. I painted it Lavendar. Don't have it any more. That was the only one I ever made about 15 years ago.