Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A picture says a thousand words

A very friendly young woman named Jessica Eskelsen whom I have met up at the Fremont Market on many Sundays came down to Olympia and took many, many wonderful photos of the stuff in my store. If you can't make it in, her pics really give you an idea of what is there. Thank you, Jessica! Here is the link:


  1. You are soooooo welcome! I totally didn't come in with the plan to create a Fun Junk photo essay, but that's certainly how it turned out!

  2. Hi Nancy! I just started following your blog and am already loving what I see...I also just found the Funky Junk Sisters who are too cool! My family and I just moved from Bellevue WA to Hawaii...wished I would have known about you guys before the move but I am sure to be back many times so I will have to keep up with events and what you are doing...would you happen to be going to the Farm Chicks event in the Fall? Sounds like it is going to be great! Anyhow, look forward to getting to "know" you a bit better! LOL! Please visit my blog and follow me along this grand journey of finding all things old, vintage and tattered and making them new again! BTW,I love the flowers in the sifter idea...that is awesome!